Aromatherapy has its roots in the most ancient of healing practices dating back to 5000BC. This ancient form of holistic therapy uses the healing properties of essential oils which are applied to the skin by means of specific relaxing massage movements. The aromatherapy oils are selected and blended to suit the client’s individual needs with numerous physical and psychological problems being improved.


This extremely soothing Full Body Massage aids the penetration of the oils and the highly-effective techniques used to assist their absorption into the skin. This treatment promotes a tremendous feeling of comfort and is pure relaxation.


Methods of extracting the oils from flowers, herbs, grasses, leaves, seeds, roots, bark and fruit are examined within the two days.

Course content: How essential oils work and the effects of aromatherapy; definition of “a therapeutic grade essential oil” and how essential oils can vary; methods of using essential oils, carrier oils and correct stored; blending and prescription techniques; essential oil production; botany; uses and caution of oils are listed; contra-indications and contra-actions; hygiene and client comfort; homecare methods and safety assessment.


Two Day Course

No kit required.

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