Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage has been popular throughout India and has been practiced for at least a thousand years. When performing Indian Head Massage the upper body is rhythmically and firmly massaged until tensions and pressures are released. A combination of both Eastern and Western techniques are used for the stretching and mobilising of the tissues around the neck and shoulders, upper body and cranium, this enables the movement of the joints to be restored and muscle tension eliminated. This Ayurvedic treatment promotes health, well-being and gives innumerable physical benefits.

Course content: introduction; history and advantages of an Indian Head Massage; anatomy and physiology of the skull, face and upper body. Evaluation of the physiological and psychological benefits and effects. Stress and its related symptoms; massage media and chakras; contra-indications and contra-actions; homecare and aftercare advice, hygiene and client comfort.


Two Day Course

No kit required.

The Modern School of Ancient Therapies 2005