Stone Therapy

Smooth volcanic basalt stones are warmed then massaged onto the body, their gentle heat penetrating deep into the surrounding tissues and muscles. Cold stones are then applied and the treatment becomes even more effective. The combination of Hot & Cold stones produces therapeutic healing, whilst creating a perfect balance.


Stone therapy is one of the fastest growing massage techniques in this country and throughout the world. The physiological benefits of hot basalt stones to the body have been scientifically proven. The therapeutic potential of this treatment if absolutely wonderful. Stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of a typical back, neck and shoulder massage and enters into the deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being thus creating a positive approach to the mind-body-spirit philosophy.

Course content: Introduction to stone therapy; history and origins of hot and cold stones; effects of working with hot and cold stones; contra-indications and contra-actions; hygiene, homecare and aftercare; cleansing and care of the stones; chakras; treatment procedure.


One day course

Kit optional

The Modern School of Ancient Therapies 2005